Daisy Cutter – La Zampa

PRESS (in french)

At first, it’s a lunar, lacunary, molecular landscape. Then four bodies, four random principles thrown through the space, revealing flaws, digging areas of turbulence, of peace : zones where deriving at the mercy of impulses. Four figures overcome by a feeling of urgency – battling against vertigo, the pleasure of dashing, slipping…
Swept along by the bodies, shaken by voices, rushed by sounds, the space is changing : still as a forest, it turns into a clearing, a cobweb, a tangle of tense synapses, exposed nerves.

Daisy Cutter is a voice, a woman, an horizon. Is a fight, a combination of shapes. A part, trying to get closer to a boundary- which would not be the one of the violence, but rather the moment just before or after, the intervening period : the foldings after an earthquake. The draught before the explosion. Four women who venture on this irregular edge, run until outstripping their image. And let the echo resound behind them, the echo of an I am – as an assertion, a challenge or an enigma – the stammering of the sense on the surface of the skin.

Daisy Cutter is a bomb with a silent explosion.
A sky map with nomadic stars.
A boxing ring for fighting spectres.
Gilles Amalvi

Choreography Magali Milian and Romuald Luydlin

With Lia Dimou, Solène Garnier, Vilma Pitrinaité, Hélène Rocheteau
Music Patrick Codenys
Light creation Pascale Bongiovanni
Direction and sound control Valérie Leroux
Video Bruno Geslin, Romain Tanguy
Scenography Marc Lainé
Stage management Daniel Gimenez-Frontin

Photo : Erik Damiano / lepetitcowboy.com


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