Solene Garnier is a multi-directional performer, combining drama, dance and music in integrating her body and voice with a range of instruments including winds, strings, keyboards and percussion. She has performed at the Deutsches Theater, Maxime Gorki, Yaam and SO36, and in ensembles across Europe.

Playing, composing and acting for theater (Das Helmi, Felicitas Braun), bands (Nachlader, Furiosa), movies (Staub auf unsere Herzen Hanna Dose, Provinzbengel Mario Schollenberger)  & for her own projects (KIKI BABANE, Ulysses and the song of the noises, Emma Eisenstein-Work in progress).

Dancing, singing & improvising for various projects (Shibari ExpressDasniya Sommer, Daisy CutterLa Zampa, The ForceJohan Swartzwagher & Franco Debière, Delirium très mincecie Vehiculo Longo, Congloméros – Daphné Achermann )


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