Jakob Rambo – Das Helmi

The first official physical-theater piece from Helmi !

Rambo is the last honnest man, the savior of extinguished species, the real romantic, the very best friends, the son you always dreamt of.

A mixed tape crushed potatoes of big fat hollywood action, sensitive policemen and… danse.

Welcome to hell.

rambo wald


By & with : Anna Menzel, Florian und Niklas Loycke, Franz Rogowski, Solene Garnier und Nina Batschke ;

Accesories & Consulting : Peter Johlfs, Bernd Krieger ; Stage & Light : Burkart Ellinghaus ; Help to Think : Emir Tebatebai ; Puppets : Florian und Niklas Loycke.
A coproduction with Ballhaus Ost.


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