This project is based on the discovery of unknown musicethnologist and artist Emma Eisenstein recordings archive and amazing drawings. This are the first cleaned and mixed material. Performance artist Solene Garnier ist preparing a book, an exhibition and a performance to present and developpe this amazing und ignored work.
Emma Eisenstein was born in Geneva in 1883 and died in New-York 1969.


The present mix is out of recordings from Eisenstein private collection :
1-Kôoutaoulô tribe flutes (1926) 2-Interview from Emma Eisenstein for Radio France (1956) 3-Kôoutaoulô chamanic healing ceremony for a widow (1928) 4-Noel Rosa: Quem da mais, brasilian folk (1930) 5-Kôoutaoulô girl with birds (1926) 6-Kôoutaoulô Aê ceremony of the women (1928) 7-Immanuel Kant abour music (1796) 8-Chiquinha Gonzaga: Corta-jaca, brasilian folk (±1910)



The biOrgasmatron, conceived by Eisenstein in the 30’s was at least made as a prototype for the exhibition Plants & Pornography at the galery Projektraum Ventilator June 2017. This trailer presents the machine.


Between 1964 and 1969, Emma Eisenstein, retired and living in New York draw hundreds of pornographic picture on old packaging, or plants grafitis on pornographic magazins.


IMG_1404 (1)


1-8 MAi in LE Poulailler, Chemillé, France