Mixing compossed instrumental music and folk songs with improvised noise and experimental, “Ulysses & the song of the noises” recounts an epic journey with pictures made of sound.

Both eloquent story and sensory experience, “Ulysses” travels between abstraction and figuration, between groove and meaning, questioning their borders.

“Ulysses & the song of the noises” was developped, played and recorded during the ARMADA Festival (oct-nov 2013).

Concept, Accordion, Vocals, Objects : Solene Garnier

Sax, Wind machine, Metal plate : Ivan Broussegoutte

Upright bass : Adrien Merer

Percussions, Vocals : Jonathan Verbaer

Sound, Fiel recordings : Thomas Mirgaine

“If noise bothers you, listen.” John Cage

“All that is real in a moment is a process of change leading

to the next moment or the future. ” Lee Smolin

Ulysse par Robin Exertier 1

Ulysse par robin exertier 2

Live in Carloforte. Foto credit : Robin Exertier.

ulysses 01

ulysses 02

Live in Bastia. Foto credit : Baptiste Logeais


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